Backup Codes for PS4(5)

To generate Backup Codes follow this steps:

For PS4:

Select Settings - Account Management - Account Information - Security - 2-Step Verification - Backup Codes – Make a Screenshot / Photo, provide it to us (2-3 codes is enough)

Select Settings – Users and Accounts – Account – Security – 2-Step Verification – Text Message – Enter Your Phone Number – Enter login/password – OK – Enter code from mobile – Activate – Scroll down - – Make a Screenshot / Photo (2-3 codes is enough) – Done.

If backup codes are already activated – you can create new or check them on your PSN Account Management on site:

Go to Account Management on a connected device and select Security - Select Backup Codes

Backup Codes for Steam

Log in to the Steam store - Click steam in the top left of the client – Settings - Account Tab - Manage Steam Guard Account Security - Get Steam Backup Codes – Enter SMS – Provide us codes (1-2 codes is enough)

Change Rockstar Social Club nickname and e-mail

1. Log into Social Club:

2. Click on your profile name in the upper right and select Settings.

3. With the tab set to Profile, click Edit next to the Nickname or Email.

4. Enter the new information to replace the old text.

5. Click Save Changes to save.