Playstation account

  • PS5 Next gen game version
  • 100 Million $ in Cash and Cars
  • Level 30-50
  • Several useful buildings
  • Free name (PSN id) Change

This is pre-modded PSN ready for GTA V.

You will get:

– Login and password from original registrant e-mail
– Login and password from PSN account
– Login and password from Rockstar Social club (required to play GTA V)

What’s on account:

– Character with desired level and amount of money in cash and cars
– Several useful buildings on account

No previous owners, the account is created by our team for sale only. Safest possible methods used to add lvls and money.

No games on account.
Account region: US (Doesnt affect anything)
After purchase you will recieve full PSN and E-mail data.

ETA: Within minutes after puchase. Account details will be sent to your email by a manager shortly after purchase. You can speed up the process by talking to online consultant

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